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Single Episode Player
Live Demo

The player below is a "Single Episode" player that can be used for playing a single episode of your podcast, a single chapter from your Audio book, a single MP3 file hosted anywhere (on your own web site, on Amazon S3, or even on Dropbox).


03/04/2016 by Ravi Jayagopal 22: Audio, PDF & Media Hosting For Your Membership Site 03/04/2016
00:00:00 00:00:00

Podcast Feed Player
Live Demo

The player below is a "Playlist Player" or "Feed Player" that can be used to create a full playlist of your entire podcast feed, with all of the episodes, their show-notes, and episode titles and descriptions in one single easy-to-use, beautiful-looking interface. The playlist below is actually an "embed" of my actual podcast about membership sites and online courses, from So the player below is actually loading in real-time from the actual plugin installed at The buttons have been deliberately disabled in the example below, but you can configure the buttons like with the Episode player above.

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No More "Ugly" Players

Do you want an ugly player – like the ones shown below – powering your podcast?

Do you think your visitors will want to even click on these players?

(This first one is an actual player offered by a leading online service!)






(This one below is apparently one of the popular ones!)


Exit: “Ugly” Player
Enter: “CoolCastPlayer”

Enough with the low-bar set by those head-scratchers above.

Wouldn’t you rather have the player below showcasing your awesome podcast and audio content?

(no points for guessing which one this is: It’s CoolCastPlayer!)

(screenshot below)miesha-tate-1

NOT having an Ugly player, and instead, having a stunningly beautiful player that is optimally designed to attract your visitor’s attention and get them to click “Play” on that large play button? That is one of the biggest reasons to use CoolCastPlayer.


Play MP3 Files Hosted Anywhere

itunes libsyn  soundcloud  podbean  squarespace

amazons3 gdrive dropbox wordpress powerpress blubrry

and anywhere else where you can upload your mp3 file.

Your MP3 files can be hosted on any host, on any site, on any service.


Cool Cast Player supports MP3 files stored on, but not limited to, the following...

  • ​LibSyn
  • BluBrry
  • ​SoundCloud
  • PodBean
  • (Cast)
  • Amazon S3
  • SquareSpace
  • Your own WordPress site
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • ... and pretty much wherever you can upload your MP3 files to!

Feed Player (Playlist) Supports
All Major Podcast Host Feeds

No other plugins even comes close to supporting all of these different services.

CoolCastPlayer supports Podcast RSS Feeds hosted on... 

  • Libsyn
  • PowerPress
  • PodBean
  • FeedBurner
  • (Cast)
  • SoundCloud

REMEMBER: "Feed Player" is not the same as "Episode Player". Even if your overall "RSS Feed" is not supported, you can still use the individual "Episode Player" to insert the beautiful CoolCastPlayer into each of your blog posts where you have your current episodes or audio files playing. 

ituneslibsyn soundcloud podbean

Why Cool Cast Player?

  • It's a WordPress plugin: You could be installing it and be using it in just minutes from now. Super-easy and intuitive to set up.
  • Universal Online MP3 Player: CoolCastPlayer is not just a podcast player. It can play MP3 files hosted anywhere... like Libsyn, SoundCloud, Podbean, (Cast), your own WordPress site, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, PowerPress, BluBrry, etc.
  • Mobile Responsive: CoolCastPlayer will play on screens of all sizes, including iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, iPads, Desktop Browser. It will look equally stunning on all screens.
  • Episode Player: You can use CoolCastPlayer as an Episode Player for playing all of your individual podcast episodes, even you don't host your feed at any of the above services. Replace all of the ugly players on your site with CoolCastPlayer.
  • Feed Player: You can use CoolCastPlayer's feed player that supports podcast feeds generated from Libsyn, PodBean, Soundcloud, BluBrry PowerPress, FeedBurner, (Cast) and Even if you don't host your podcast at these hosts, you can still use CoolCastPlayer to play individual episodes and audio files hosted anywhere that files can be hosted - like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • It works with PowerPress. Just upload and activate the plugin, and it will instantly insert a beautiful podcast player into all of your Powerpress episode posts. No special setup required.
  • "Embed": Here's a common problem faced by most podcasters: You interview a celebrity guest on your show. Then you publish the podcast on your site and send your guest a link to that page, and request them to promote it to their audience. But why would someone want to promote YOUR podcast episode, playing on YOUR web site, to THEIR list? A list that they have spent a lot of time, money and effort building? With CoolCastPlayer, that problem is now SOLVED! Simply publish your interview on your site with CoolCastPlayer, then click on the little "Embed" button below the player, take that one line of code, and email it to your guest. They can now insert that code on a page on THEIR web site and publish that interview right on that page. And the pretty CoolCastPlayer shows up on THEIR web site, even though they don't have the plugin installed. So YOUR show appears on THEIR web site, THEY don't need to install anything except just embed a line of code into any WordPress or non-WordPress page, and now they can comfortably promote your episode playing on their OWN web site, to their list. 
  • Install Once, Embed Anywhere: Insert the Embed-Code on any HTML web page on any web site (yours or 3rd-party owned), including on non-WordPress pages, allowing you to embed your own podcast player on any number of your own web sites without having to install the plugin each time. You can embed it on even Tumblr, Blogger, and even SquareSpace sites.
  • Social sharing buttons for 3 of the largest social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These allow your visitor to share your episode with their network. Each of them can be enabled or disabled.
  • Option to add up to 2 Custom Buttons below the player: Use these to promote to promote your products, your books, your services, or your iTunes and Stitcher links
  • Smart-Speed: Speed-up the Audio without distorting quality (just cuts out the silences and dead-air, and won't make the voice sound like a chipmunk!)
  • Add a Download Icon to the player that lets your listener download the episode (mp3 file).
  • Ability to Pop the player in a new window so the visitor can continue browsing your site
  • Customize the colors of the player & background to match your show's artwork and theme of your web site
  • Ability to both play the entire RSS feed... Or just a single episode
  • ​Custom image per episode, and for Podcast feed
  • Cache feature allows the Feed player to load super-fast. You can configure how often the cache is to be reloaded, so that it doesn't slow down your listener.
  • Episode Play Tracking: CoolCastPlayer can track how many times each of your episodes were played on your web site. Obviously, every time an episode is played on your site with the click of "Play" on your CoolCastPlayer (CCP) player, the episode play is tracked in your podcast host as well. But it is usually complicated to dig up, via your podcast host, the exact stats about how many times an episode was actually played on your web site specifically. CCP gives you an accurate report that shows you how many times visitors to your web site played each episode on your web site. You can then use that information to better position the player, apply that to your web site design, and know whether your web site visitors are interested in listening to your podcast and interested in the content.
  • Arguably, the prettiest podcast player on the planet :-)
  • Not just for Podcasts. Use for playing regular Audio course content in your member's area in your membership site as well.
  • Created by Ravi Jayagopal, Co-Founder & Co-Developer of (DAP - a leading membership plugin for WordPress.). Also see CoolCastPlayer in action on Ravi's own podcast site, at
  • Supported by a team that has a proven track-record of launching several web apps and WordPress plugins for marketers and content creators, and has excelled in providing timely tech support and sustained development for over 17 years.

Praise for CoolCastPlayer

Glenn TheGeek

I am so excited to have found CoolCastPlayer. I have been looking for years for a player of this calibre, with all of the bells and whistles ANd one that looks this stunningly beautiful too! Bonus: It's also super easy to use!

This player is by far the cleanest and easiest to use. Unlike other popular players we've used, it's mobile responsive. It's customizable so it can perfectly fit with our branding. And the best part about it is that the layout is getting up more listens and shares. I highly recommend this player!

Kamala Chambers Host, Thriving Launch Podcast
Luis CongdonHost, Thriving Launch Podcast

It's simple to use, mobile responsive, easy to embed, share,and use. A beautiful player on your site is easier to use, more attractive to website visitors and will help you get more players. I suggest anyone who's into podcasting, grab this player. It's a great choice for podcasters.

CoolCastPlayer In The Wild...

Miesha “Cupcake” Tate is a prominent figure in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world and currently is ranked No. 2 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women’s Bantamweight class. Her podcast at is powered by CoolCastPlayer.

(Screenshots below, not actual player)​

(Screenshots above, not actual player)​

Glenn the Geek, known as America's Horse Husband, founded the Horse Radio Network in July 2008. Starting with one show (The Stable Scoop Radio Show) and no listeners, the Horse Radio Network has now grown to eight shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

(screenshot below)

Kamala Chambers & Luis Congdon are the hosts of the Thriving Launch Podcast at, a podcast about online business freedom, for entrepreneurs who travel and make a difference.

(screenshot below)​


1-Site License

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Social Sharing
  • Fully Customizable
  • Feed & Episode Player
  • MP3 Player
  • Custom Image
  • Episode "Play" Tracking
  • Affiliate Program



(NOT a developer's license. No client sites)

Unlimited-site License*

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Social Sharing
  • Fully Customizable
  • Feed & Episode Player
  • MP3 Player
  • Custom Image
  • Episode "Play" Tracking
  • Affiliate Program


* Unlimited-site license is meant for use on websites owned by a single individual and not meant for use on Client sites, JV sites, friend, family, church, non-profit sites, etc.


One-time, Lifetime License (No Client Sites)

Unlimited-site license*

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Social Sharing
  • Fully Customizable
  • Feed & Episode Player
  • MP3 Player
  • Custom Image
  • Episode "Play" Tracking
  • Affiliate Program


* One-time, Lifetime License. No payments ever again for as long as the plugin exists. Lifetime Updates & Support.

CoolCastPlayer For Free!

** You can get a Unlimited-site license for free (a $199/yr value) with either:
1) A SubscribeMe Academy Membership (details)
2) A Platinum Membership (details)

FREE REPORT: How to Promote Your Podcast, Reach New Listeners, Build Your Audience and Find Your 1000 True Fans

22 Fantastic Reviews (5-stars) on Amazon
(Selling for $2.99)