Change Log

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v4.0 BETA: 12/15/2019

  • NEW: Added support for podcast feeds
  • NEW: Ability to do Plugin Automatic Updates. Going forward, you will be able to update to the latest version of right from your WordPress Plugins page.
  • is the latest podcast host to be supported. Which means, you can now create a beautiful Feed Player of your entire podcast if you're using as your podcast host.

v3.0 FINAL: 07/03/2019

  • No further changes.
  • Version made Final.

v3.0 BETA: 05/03/2019

  • SimpleCast Podcast Host support added
  • Megaphone Podcast Host bug fixed where feed was not being loaded correctly at times
  • Feed Player CSS issues fixed with Firefox

v2.9 BETA: 03/09/2019

  • Browser CSS issues fixed with Chrome

v2.8.1 FINAL: 12/16/2018

  • No further changes.
  • Version made Final.

v2.8 BETA: 12/03/2018

  • Changes made to support browser-related updates of Firefox and Chrome.

v2.6.1 FINAL: 07/21/2018

  • Final.

v2.6 BETA: 05/14/2018

  • Support for new podcasting hosting services added.

v2.5.1 FINAL: 03/17/2018

  • No further issues found.
  • Minor CSS updates.
  • Final version released

v2.5 BETA: 10/19/2017

  • Contains 2 Critical Bug Fixes for 2.4. So if you're on 2.4, please upgrade asap.
  • 2 Critical Bugs fixed: Both the "Embed" and "New Window" features were not working in certain themes, certain browsers due to plugin and theme conflicts.
  • Both issues have been resolved. Please upgrade asap.

v2.4 BETA: 08/09/2017

  • This is a critical release. You should update to this version as soon as possible as it has some key Android fixes. Failing to upgrade might mean that the player will not work for some of your visitors arriving at your website through an Android phone. No impact to any other users. Fix is for your Android users only.
  • Bug fixed: Player was not working in the new release of Android and a few other Android phones with specific releases.
  • Forward-facing changes to adapt to the upcoming new changes to plugin, so that both CoolCastPlayer and S3MediaVault can be used on the same site without any conflicts, on different pages and posts, at the same time.

v2.3: 08/01/2017

  • Bug fixed: The podcast home page field was not accepting newer domains like .training and .academy.
  • Bug fixed with respect to forced-download when clicking on download icon in some browsers on some OS’s.

v2.2: 05/15/2017

  • New Podcast Host Feed Support: (Cast)
  • Download vs Redirection when clicking on the download icon, is now configurable. Just add define(‘CCP_REDIRECT’,’Y’); to your wp-config.php file to enable redirection instead of forced-download.

v2.1: 05/13/2017

  • PowerPress file-download issue fixed

v2.0: 01/05/2017

  • New Optimized Feed Player Design to allow easier navigation of the feed player, read show-notes more easily while listening to the episode, "Play" icon for individual episodes below brought to the left to allow ease-of-use, player design improved for mobile devices so that the visitor can scroll through the list without inadvertently starting to play a different episode as they scroll.

v1.8: 08/28/2016

v1.7: 04/28/2016

  • Fix for issue with sub-directory installations of WordPress.

v1.6: 04/16/2016

  • Fix for issue with download icon not properly resulting in .mp3 file downloads

v1.5: 03/29/2016

  • Added "Id" column to Players page
  • Added ability to sort players by "Id"
  • Default sorting order shows newest player created, at the top
  • Changed all "Cool Cast Player" references to "CoolCastPlayer"
  • Fix for Powerpress download issue
  • Fix for Amazon S3 field label names
  • Fix for S3 bug where it was not treating https URL's correctly

v1.4: 03/24/2016

  • Fix for Powerpress download function
  • Remove extraneous reverse slashes in settings fields
  • If image not set in player settings, use default image from settings page
  • Feed player tries to load image > URL element from feed (which is usually the smaller sized one), if not available, then goes for the main image URL - which is probably the larger one.
  • Colors not sticking, not able to change

v1.3: 03/22/2016

  • Code added to enable easier plugin updates
  • Updated default player for PowerPress posts
  • Default player will now replace shortcode
  • Amazon S3 Secure Media Integration: This allows you to create a private player on your site that plays an MP3 file from Amazon S3, and the generated URL will only work from your web site. Which means they must come to your web site to listen to the episode. And the secure link to the file cannot be passed around. So this is very useful for "Bonus Content", which can be used as an incentive for your listeners to come to your web site and consume the content, at which time you can present a lead magnet and try to sign them up to your list.
  • Settings page now includes ability to choose player colors, social & custom buttons

v1.2: 03/09/2016

  • Fixes to Javascript conflicts with a couple of themes.

v1.1: 03/06/2016

  • Fixes to resolve conflict with other plugins' licensing code.

v1.0: 02/23/2016

  • New version